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Aphrodite Make Up Style

Aphrodite as we all know is the Greek goddess of love, pleasure and beauty. Merged with the Egyptian belief of power, healing and symbolism of gemstone, Aphrodite No. 1 Gemstone Cosmetic is born. Aphrodite No. 1 Gemstone Cosmetic is an innovative brand and the first in Thailand mrket to use gemstones from all mining sites around the world modifying its use to cater all aspects of gem power to help it's owner with more than 80% efficiency. Every Aphrodite makeup item is associated with gemstones with their mystical powers. Inside each box together with the foundation is a tiny metal ball/pellet (Galena Ball) which upon opening the box, you must gather your thoughts, make a wish and drop the it inside the product. You as the owner must be the first to open the box and do this and do not share the makeup so as not to deteriorate its power.