My Nichido Oct 15, 2010 Haul

Hey Everyone,

Today was SM Baguio's First day of their 3 Day Sale, October 15, 2010.
Went out and strolled with Chelsea even if it rained really hard.

A lot of good stuffs were on sale, but, even if they were on sale, they were still expensive. (sigh)

Of course, I went straight to my favourite section, The Departments Store make up corner.

And these were what I got:

First is the Nichido Professional Kabuki Brush.
I have always been wanting a Kabuki brush. Prices I've seen from Online Sellers range from 350-850php. But I was surprised and amazed Nichido has Kabuki brushes and so I just went ahead took one, considering the price which is PHP238. Not bad, eh?
It's bristles are made of synthetic nylon material and they are SUPER DUPER SOFT!
I just love running them into my face..hehe
Super cheap, too! Also, picks up a lot of product so you have to gently dab it on your powder or tap off excess product.
I just love it!

Next is this Nichido Final Powder in So Natural.
I read on Say's blog ( about this and I wanted to have one. I wanted a Translucent Powder but I wasn't able to find one so I just grabbed this Finishing Powder. No shimmer, it's matte. Lightly stays on the face, has a sweet smelling scent similar to Baby Powders. And it's PHP150.

Cheek blushes I have are those with peachy shade. I wanted to have a hot pink and this one's what I got. BUt when I came home and compared it with my other blushes,
they're almost the same! Heck!
This Nichido Powder Blush in Passionate Red is not highly pigmented.
It is just right if you want a light application. However, to make your cheeks stand out, you need reapply twice or thrice. But the effect on the skin is beautiful and flawless.
Makes the skin appear baby skin. =)
It's PHP88. Cheap huh?

Black is one of the essential eyeshadows. I only got the black eyeshadow from my 88 palette and hell, I don't want to consume all of it so I got a single eyeshadow still from Nichido. It is Eyeshadow in Soft Black with some tiny flecks of shimmer. Worth PHP68! Hihi..But again, just like the cheek blush, it's not highly pigmented so you have to reapply and reapply and reapply to intensify a black smokey look.

And because of my purchase, I got a FREE clear tote bag!
Yipee! The sales lady was also kind and accommodating.

Till next shopping!

Stella Jezebelle


  1. I've always wanted a kabuki brush :) i'm definitely getting that nichido kabuki brush


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