My Online Tambayan

Hey everyone,

Havn't been blogging lately. Been quite busy.

I just wanted to share with you guys my Online Tambayan.
hehe... ^_^

Kahit kelan, Ever since, first thing I do when I get up in the morning is open my computer and check my FB account.. It is my breakfast, lunch and dinner..and even midnight snack! (when I stay up late night potato couching on the internet)
I also always browse FB make up sellers. Yeah I know I am addicted to make ups!

I made it a habit to check my subscriptions for new videos from my favourite make up gurus. Do morning chores while waiting for the videos to be downloaded. (Bagal kasi ng net dito.) Because internet is so sloooooooow....
Not only that, I also check my chipipay videos if viewers increased. (I wish!) Here's the link to my youtube channel:
In my wishlist is an HD camcorder. So I can try what Michelle Phan is doing. bwahahaha!

3. Ebay Account/
Then I also check my Ebay account if I've got sold items. Then I remind my buyers to pay. hehe
I don't usually open sulit,com.Just when I remember.

4. My Blog
Also, I don't forget checking my blog for comments, new followers! (which I am hoping to gain more). I want to do more blogging, but I still need better gadgets..hehe

5. My Beauty Shop
I also love checking out Rosenn Gomez's multiply site.
It's where I purchase most of my palettes. She's a kind and sweet seller that's why I keep coming back to her. If I don't purchase, I just window shop.hehe..Browsing over and over her items.

6. Other make up guru blogs:
Sometimes, I am lazy to read. Usually, I browse over photos in blogs. I only read when I get interested with the topic. Most blogs I follow are those with photos.
The following list are some of my favourite gurus' blogs:

7. I also check my gmail and BPI bank account. lol! In case some one deposited..harharharhar!

So, there you go. some of my most visited sites online..
Any other sites you might want to suggest I can check out? I'd appreciste it.