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Wearable Purple Eyeshadow

Wearable Purple Eyeshadow
Scared to put on bright shadows? Don't be. Here's a wearable one.

Make up Valentines Look

Valentines Make up Look Tutorial

Products used:
Nichido brow liner



My Very First Experience as an Amateur MUA

Today was a wonderful day. I was invited to assist in making up an entourage for a wedding. I was honored because they believe in my talent. weeeh!
Photos below.

My Work 1 on a sponsor

My work 2
I made up 3-4 more little girls and the last one is the little bride below.

The workplace I love this table with a big mirror..

The hairdresser
co MUA extra friend Lench...

Angelina Jolie Look Alike Attempt

Was bored and got inspired by Promise Tamang's look alike videos and I tried to make mine.

Hope to improve more..

BB Cream and Korean Products Haul

1. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream Missha M perfect Cover BB Cream offers a novel skincare concept with BB Cream, which lightens skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes with excellent skin-cover ability, and prevent skin aging though effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties. I got Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in natural beige. I bought the travel size 20 ml for 420php from It is certainly wonderful as YT gurus say. You may use it alone as a moisturizer, or foundation. Provides great coverage. My mom used it too and her freckles became less obvious. Also, it gives an instant whiter and clearer skin. It has a pleasant smell, too. Unlike other creams which have medicated scents. You can also easily squeeze out the product with a controlled amount because of the narrow and pointed nozzle.

2. Biuret Make up Solution Magic Tint Base Biuret Magic Tint Base is an Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer. It is a hydrating tint keeping skin tone natural. The hydrating tint kee…

Sugars and Spices in the Life of a Mom

"I need to do something to feel good about myself." a friend of mine recently posted on her facebook.
Sel is also a hardworking mom like me. She has a good looking guy, takes care of her 5 month old baby boy and works at home online at the same time. I also have my 1 yr and 6 month old daughter to take care and I also work online at home. Sel is luckier her husband is with her who helps her look after her angel, whereas my hubby is working far away from home. We finished college together in the same university. Though we weren't that much close during our schooldays, we share similar emotional statuses and posts on FB. We sympathize with each other. We chat and exchange stories, feelings and happenings in our lives, as wives, as mothers.
People don't know the sacrifices and hardships of being hard working and multitasking moms. Though they think we just sit, look after the baby and stay at home all day. Hell! These aren't easy baby! We wake up early in the morning,…