Sugars and Spices in the Life of a Mom

"I need to do something to feel good about myself." a friend of mine recently posted on her facebook.

Sel is also a hardworking mom like me. She has a good looking guy, takes care of her 5 month old baby boy and works at home online at the same time. I also have my 1 yr and 6 month old daughter to take care and I also work online at home. Sel is luckier her husband is with her who helps her look after her angel, whereas my hubby is working far away from home. We finished college together in the same university. Though we weren't that much close during our schooldays, we share similar emotional statuses and posts on FB. We sympathize with each other. We chat and exchange stories, feelings and happenings in our lives, as wives, as mothers.

People don't know the sacrifices and hardships of being hard working and multitasking moms.
Though they think we just sit, look after the baby and stay at home all day. Hell! These aren't easy baby!
We wake up early in the morning, prepare food for breakfast, feed the baby, clean the house, do the laundry,
catch up with time to get online and work. These aren't jokes. It is hard. It is stressful. It's just crazy.
We mothers don't mind the hardworks. We are super moms! But, the hard part is, after what you've done,
after all the efforts, hardships, people would not even notice nor appreciate, instead give bad comments!
If only they were in your position, they would try to understand. But no! They are just selfish, heartless
and unappreciative people who are close minded.

They don't know how it is like to sacrifice your beauty sleep to start the day. To skip breakfast cause
you had to feed baby and grandma, and rush to get to work because the boss is calling you.
To sacrifice manicure and parlors for laundry and eyeliner and eyeshadow with eye bags.
To trade nightclubs with children's park and friend gatherings with babysitting. To exchange dress and stilletoe
shopping with baby foods and diaper groceries.

Nah! Forget the beauty stuff and nightclubbing. My point is, we sacrifice a lot for our family, to take care of them
yet receive no credits, but instead bad comments! Don't we deserve some appreciations and rewards?

So Sel, yeah! We need to do something to feel good about ourselves. My advise? Once in a while, go get yourself
rewards. Go to the salon and get a make over. (or if you want, you can call me and I'll doll you up.
Your guy would worship you when he sees you. hehe) Go shopping and gift your selves with the latest fashion.
I feel great when people see and say "hey! I like your outfit." or "That make up looks good on you."
These words boosts my confidence and lifts me up. Somehow, despite the stressful life of a mom, I am appreciated.
I feel good and these compliments somehow overcomes the pressures. You can also invite your friends
over for a get together party. It's what I do. We catch up with each other. Or dine in a fancy restaurant and
munch on all your favourite foods. (Mine are Yellow Cab pizza, Pizza hut Carbonara, among others) Though
it's expensive, it's worth it. You deserve it. Do it once in a while. Gift your selves with life's pleasures.

So yeah, that's my thought on that. To all mom's out there, don't give 100% of yourself to your family
(though we really do even at 101%), leave at least 10% for yourself. Don't forget to love yourself.
Enjoy the pleasures life can offer. For without you, who would take care of your family, if you wouldn't take
care of yourself. We, too need to do something to feel good about ourselves.