Mr. and Ms. Environment 2011-Lubas

As a promotional activity to solid waste management, Brgy. Lubas SK Officials organized a beauty pageant themed "Search for Mr and Ms Environment: Turning dust into gold."
Held 25th of February.

Where I am honored to be a part of it.
My candidate, Jennifer Gaoyen, who is my first cousin, garnered the First Runner place, Darling of the Crowd award, Ms Air and Ms Water.

Yours truly was her make up artist, gown designer and maker.

My beautiful candidate, Jennifer Gaoyen

Jennifer in her Hawaiian attire for their production number.

Jennifer in her Sports Attire as a Cheerleader, with me yours truly.

Her Sports attire is an off white shirt designed with plastic bag strips.
Her skirt is made of newspapers, covered with red sando bags and foil wrappers.
Pompoms are red and white plastic bag strips tied in a bunch.
Jen's hair is tied with a plastic bag strip bow, too.

Jen in her ethnic attire for her talent portion.
Head piece is made of glossy magazine papers rolled into long beads.

For her evening wear, she wore a black halter top with broken mirror accents.
(They were pretty when the light hits them as the reflect and shine.)
Her bottom part is framed with cardboard and
covered with ruffled garbage bag strips in layers.

Jen's head piece is made from newspaper roses sprayed in silver
with 2 peacock feather accents and one big plummy leaf.

Jen with male first runner up.

Four of the male contestants.
(I don't now where the fifth had gone.)

All four female contestants.

The second from left ( in green sack shawl) was crowned the
Ms Environment 2011.

Hope you enjoyed reading and watching.

Pinay kisses,