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Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath - live - T4 (13th March 2011) Inspired Make up Look
Nicole Scherzinger is always lovely and sexy. Her songs are also strong, enticing and never dying.
I was watching one of her videos, her Don't Hold Your Breath - live - T4 (13th March 2011) and her make up was so intense, fierce and dramatic.
Here is that video of her live performance of Don't Hold Your Breathe.

Some screenshots from her video showing the make up:

My make up shots of her look:

Some random photos with Chelsea, always showing up from the background of my video.

She was playing with her color pens when I was filming and she tried to do what I was doing so she has pen marks on her face.

My video tutorial on Nicole's Look.

Much love, Stella

My Daily Everyday Make up Look #1

My Daily Everyday Make up Look #1

A simple winged eyeliner with demi lashes.

And bold red lips.

Watch the tutorial here:

much love, Stella

Barbie Makeup Look

Barbie Makeup Look

From ugly to pretty, right?

Watch the tutorial here:

44 eyeshadow palette with 4 compact powders are purchased from here:

foxy byebye,

Red Herring Cosmetics from UK

Red HErring Cosmetics from UK

I am so thankful for my husband he has purchased and bought this for me.

A suitcase packed with goodies!

RedHerring Tags

Contains these awesome lovelies.

Two eyeshadow palettes and 1 blush palette. Left palette are pink shades. The middle one is the blush in peachy pink and hot pink shades. The right one is a palette of blue, purple and plum shades.

3 eyeliner pencils in Black, Dark Blue and Brown shades. 3 lipliners in deep red, red and flesh tones. and a sharpener!

A closer up look of the pencils.

3 lipsticks in plummy red, mauvey pink and fuschia pink. 5 lip glosses in plum, red, fuchis, baby peach and light pink shades.

When opened.

Plus a set of brushes. All in travel sizes. 1 blush brush, 1 contour brush, 1 lip brush, 3 sponge tip applicators, 1 stout powder brush and a pocket blush brush.

The set does not only contain goodies for the face but also for the nails.

4 nail polishes. 1 base coat and 1 top coat bottles and 2 finger toe racks (is that the name?) hehe…

Sweet Colorful Summer Make Up Look Contest Entry

TheTeam Online Sellersfan page has brought up a make up contest entitled: Sweet and Colorful Summer Make up Look Contest

And my entry is here!

To check out more entries and about the contest: Like the page first: Team Online Seller Fan Page
Then check out the rules and details of the contest, plus the photo entries: Photo Entries
Pinay kisses,