Red Herring Cosmetics from UK

Red HErring Cosmetics from UK

I am so thankful for my husband he has purchased and bought this for me.


A suitcase packed with goodies!

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Contains these awesome lovelies.

Two eyeshadow palettes and 1 blush palette.
Left palette are pink shades. The middle one is the blush in peachy pink and hot pink shades. The right one is a palette of blue, purple and plum shades.

3 eyeliner pencils in Black, Dark Blue and Brown shades.
3 lipliners in deep red, red and flesh tones.
and a sharpener!

A closer up look of the pencils.

3 lipsticks in plummy red, mauvey pink and fuschia pink.
5 lip glosses in plum, red, fuchis, baby peach and light pink shades.

When opened.

Plus a set of brushes.
All in travel sizes.
1 blush brush, 1 contour brush, 1 lip brush, 3 sponge tip applicators, 1 stout powder brush and a pocket blush brush.

The set does not only contain goodies for the face but also for the nails.

4 nail polishes.
1 base coat and 1 top coat bottles
2 finger toe racks (is that the name?) hehe.

Will be doing swatches and tutorials using them, soon.

Btw, hubby purchased them from the Debenhams site:

Hope you enjoyed viewing. Pardon the dirty carpet. Have not been cleaning for awhile. =(

Pinay kisses,