Flat Iron Superpowers!

Sorry I have not updated my blog lately. Anyhoo, here's how I use my flat iron. Actually, it shouldn't be called a flat or straightening iron, because it does not only straighten but also CURL, WAVE, and CRIMP!

I own a JML Proceramic Straightening Iron. Here's how it looks like. Image is borrowed from google images since I already lost the box of my flat iron.

It was 1,499php at SM Baguio. It has ceramic plates and when you break the plates, you can return it back for repair but of course would cost you some additional expenses for replacement parts.

Ceramic irons are far better than traditional irons because it is less likely to cause heat damage to hair. Also, it heats fast and evenly distributes heat. Thus, saving you time. However, frequent use of heating appliance can damage hair. But, it can prevented with proper hair care. Ie, use of heat protectant before using a heat appliance, hair treatments like conditioner, spa,etc.

Now, flat irons can be used in multiple ways not just for straightening hair but, also curling, waving and crimping.


Here is a video on how I use my flat iron to straighten my hair.


JML flat iron has slim plates and a rounded barrel. With this shape, you can create fabuolous curls. You can have the control to create loose waves or tighter curls. As opposed to flat iron with wide flat barrels like a paddle, you can only make waves but might be hard for tighter curls.
Watch my video below on how I curl my hair with a flat iron. Technique inspiration is form Rose Russo of Rosebud143.


Crimped hair are also a fab and you can achieve them with a flat iron. No crimping tool needed.
All you have to do is sway back and forth your flat iron on a bunch of hair. as you go down to the tip. This will create zigzag shapes. (Video will be up soon.)
Below is a photo of crimped hair from google.


Beach waves are softer curls. And with a flat iron, you can achieve them without a curling iron.
Below is another photo sample. (Video soon.)

With a flat iron, no curling iron, crimper, or remmington blower needed. for different styles. You can achieve many different styles with just a flat iron. What a thrift!

Hope you this blog was helpful.
Let me know your thoughts on the comments section below.


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