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Homemade Yummy Polvoron

So this chocovoron delicacy just became a fad and favourite in facebook. Many online merchants sell this decicacy quite over priced. So, I made my own polvoron but without the choco. Just a simple recipe with few ingredients but yummy result!
STEP 1: Toast 2 cups of flour in low fire iin a skillet until light brown. Continously mix and be careful not to toast it that much.

STEP 2: Pour in 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of powdered milk then taost for another 3-5 minutes in low fire. Keep mixing so as not to burn the mixture.

STEP 3: Set aside powder mixture in a large bowl and melt 1/2 cup of butter. Pour in melted butter on powder mixture.

STEP 4: Mix melted butter and powder mixture together until it has the consistency of a damp sand.

STEP 5: Fill in your moulder really well with as much mixture it can contain. Press and level it with a spoon.

STEP 6: And slowly push out the molded polvoron on a clean plate.

Now you have your very own Yummy Homemade Polvoron. Enjoy!

Cher Lloyd Swagger Jagger Official Music Video Make up Look

Just started stalking Cher Lloyd and I noticed how her look changed after the x factor series. She greatly improved a lot. HEr browse and hair mainly. hehehe... And I was so inspired to remake her make up look in her very music video Swagger Jagger.
Here are the inspirational screen shots taken from the music video.

And my own version.

The eye make up is an intense sort of dark navy blue in a large bold teardrop shape with matching flirty dramatic lashes. The face and lips are all nude and simple making the eyes the focus of attention.

Products used:
FACE:Fanny Serrano 2 way cake in Organza EYES:Beauty Cosmetics pallete NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean Elf Waterproof Eyeliner in Black Regular False Lashes LIPS:NYX Round Lipstick in Pumpkin Pie
You can watch how I did it here:

Beauty Blender: The Modernized Make up Tool

Beauty Blenders became a fad early this year. The so called modernized, magic make up applicator. It is a sponge shaped like an egg that is supposed to give flawless and airbrushed looked make up. A lot of gurus have been raving about it, and because of its instant popularity, it is so pricey! However, if you are a wise shopper, you would be able to find a seller with an affordable price like I did! (haha).
I got mine at My Beauty Shop/Beauty Cosmetics online shop and you can visit it from here: or check their facebook page by clicking the image below:

They are selling it for just 300php! What a price! hehe..
And it looks like this:

It is well packed in plastic cylinder case and you may re use it to keep your egg sponge. Rosenn's make up like "Beauty Cosmetics Beauty Blender" is also printed on it.

It is non latex and hypoallergenic! So it's safe to use for those who are allergic to rubber.

A close up look. See how fine the surface…

September 2011 Makeup Haul

My September 2011 makeup haul!
So below is the collection of make up purchases I got for the whole month of September.

I got all these babies from
1. NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow in Bohemian Rhapsody: 450php 2. NYX Round Lip Gloss in Sorbet: 150php 3. NYX Round Lipstick in Orange Soda: 150php 4. Blue gel liner was a free gift with the purchase! *yay* likey likey!
If you would like to purchase too, you can check the store here:

Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake in Organza which I bought from SM Department Store. (Sorry it's damaged because terrible Chelsea in her terrible two's dropped it!) It was 399php.

Sophie Martin Lipsticks in Red Pepper, Mango Peach and Summer Pinkbought from a friend who is a SP dealer. They can be matched to NYX at a fraction of the price: 89php each only!

Reviews will be up for each item in the following blogs so stay tuned! *wink wink*