Beauty Blender: The Modernized Make up Tool

Beauty Blenders became a fad early this year. The so called modernized, magic make up applicator. It is a sponge shaped like an egg that is supposed to give flawless and airbrushed looked make up. A lot of gurus have been raving about it, and because of its instant popularity, it is so pricey! However, if you are a wise shopper, you would be able to find a seller with an affordable price like I did! (haha).

I got mine at My Beauty Shop/Beauty Cosmetics online shop and you can visit it from here:
or check their facebook page by clicking the image below:

They are selling it for just 300php! What a price! hehe..

And it looks like this:

It is well packed in plastic cylinder case and you may re use it to keep your egg sponge. Rosenn's make up like "Beauty Cosmetics Beauty Blender" is also printed on it.

It is non latex and hypoallergenic! So it's safe to use for those who are allergic to rubber.

A close up look. See how fine the surface is? That makes the airbrush/flawless effect.

At first, I was surprised on how tiny it was when I received as it was dry shown on the left. But then, when I damped it, it got bigger and so so so SOFT as shown on the right.

Things I like about it are:
1. It is so soft! super! likie you are pressing on your breast..hahaha
2. The color is girly pink!
3. It does not smell like rubber like the common foundation sponges.
4. Affodable.
5. Creates a smooth flawless finish.

One thing I just don't like about it is that, it might not last longer because after I used it for like 3 times, tiny tear marks started appearing. Maybe because of the softness that makes it less durable and wear out easily.

And on how I use it, pls watch the video below for the demo.

Products used:
1. Beauty Blender Sponge
2. Ever Bilena Concealer
3. Fanny Serrano 2 way cake in Organza

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