1980's Inspired Photoshoot

So, our group has been quite active last year and got more funshoots. It was a 1980's Madonna/Cyndi Lauper Inspired Shoot. I would like to share this photo to you. Hair, makeup and wardrobe all done by me.

Hair: It was just a high side ponytail tied with a pink floral scarf.
Makeup: Heavy pink and purple winged eyeshadows. Heavy pink blush on the cheeks and orange lipstick.
Warbrobe: Cropped bright yellow cotton shirt, checkered bubble skirt, pink net stockings.
On my right hand is a laced fingerless glove I made. And just beaded necklaces, bangles and bracelets for the jewely. Also, white round earrings.

The setting was in Taoist Bell Church, Baguio City.

You can view more of our works from our facebook page: LaTrinidad Shutterbugs.