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January 4, 2012

My First Photoshoot (Puppetdoll Funshoot)

Our local independent group LaTrinidad Shutterbugs, a group composed of aspiring photographers, stylist, hair and makeup artist, models and videographers, had a Funshoot with a them of Puppetdolls and Puppeteer. So here is a behind the scene and some finished photos.
Like our facebook page for more themes and photos: LaTrinidad Shutterbugs
View more of our photos: PuppetShow



  1. oh wow those are crazy beautiful photos.

    visit our site:

  2. Hi, I've been browsing your blog and I saw you've done interesting photo shoots. You got bunch of good make-up artists and photographers. I'm just wondering if you do that for money or is it just a way you hang out with your peer?

  3. hi psychelyn,

    hmmn, most of the times, we do it just for fun, and yes, a way to hang out with good friends...actually, we are hoping maybe in the future we can make money out of these activities. thank you for viewing my blog btw.


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