No Heat Big Hot Messy Curls

Big messy or large curls are sexy and gorgeous. I won't deny it is my favorite hairstyle. And you can easily achieve them with hair appliances like curling irons and hot rollers.


However, hot tools like these are damaging to the hair when always used. They can make our hair dry and brittle thus, prone to breakage. And we don't want that.

 But, we can still give our hair a break from these damaging appliances without taking a day off from beautiful curls. How?


As the name implies, these are cushion-y sponge balls purposely designed to curl hair. There is absolutely no heat needed to make those curls.

These are just sponge balls with slits in the middle where you will wrap your hair around it and the side will keep it in place. 

The mechanism is the same with rollers where you wrap your hair around it.

 It is soft you can sleep and wait overnight with it and your curls will form when you wake up!

They are not damaging to hair as compared to hot curling irons and rollers. No heat is required.
Economical. No power energy needed. Less electric bill rate.
Easy to use. Just wrap your hair around it and wait.
They are soft you can sleep with them on.
The price is so affordable.

Only one thing I don't like about it is that strands of hair could easily get tangled together and on the ball sometimes its hard to unwrap the curl. Or I don't know, maybe just the way i wrapped my hair around them that gave me a hard time to remove them.

 You can watch the video below to know how to use these balls and see the results:


The Super GORGEOUS result!

You can purchase the sponge ball curlers from here:

Let me know what you think.


  1. marie.jane.rosellMay 17, 2012 at 12:59 AM

    How long did it last? And how much is ist? No price showing on the site.. :(

  2. Hi sel, it lasted about 2-3 hours because I did not used a hairspray..But if I did, it would have lasted longer..Also, if the sponges were set overnight not just 2 hours like I did..

  3. Ate..where can we buy those sponges??
    thank you.. .

    Perfect and sexy curls! Ola! thanks for sharing

  4. Hi Janine, you can purchase them from here: or order from me..what's your location?

  5. How much would it cost if I order a set from you?

  6. Hello anonymous, its 250php/set, contains 12 balls.


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