Barry M Black Wink Marker Pen Swatches and Review

A chunky marker pen style eyeliner that makes lining your eyes easy. In simple strokes you can create instense, bold lines and flicks. Quick drying and long lasting as the perfect eyeliner should be!
Price: £4.59

It's a big jumbo pen just like the ones we use to write packages or the ones used on whiteboards. But this one is intended for eye makeups.

Freshly applied on skin.

After letting it dry and I rubbed it away. Downer. Not smudge proof.

Wink liner on my eyes.

Overall impression:
Actually, I really don't like this. I still prefer my Elf Waterproof Eyeliner. Barry M Wink PenLiner is not a good choice for oily lids or even hooded lids, or if you live in a tropical humid area because it will smudge. It does not dry so well if you have hooded lids, it would transfer on the upper part of your lids when you open your eyes. It won't last long as well. Compared to elf waterproof eyeliner, which is a lot cheaper, dries well, doesn't smudge or transfer. It is a better option than this Barry M with a price of GBP4.59. 


  1. Aww that's too bad this one smudges...Barry M products seem to normally always get such good reviews. It's too bad this one was a let down :/


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