Makeup Academy (MUA) Cosmetics Haul from UK

And yet another Makeup Haul. This time I got Makeup Academy (MUA) Cosmetics directly from the UK. All purchased with my own money.
Bought from:

MUA cosmetics are so affordable with their products starting from GBP1, but not sacrificing the quality. They also love giving away free items with every purchases. Below are my orders.
From top left to right: Face primer, lip glosses, concealer stick and Alexandra Burk lip booms
Bottom row are Mosaic Bronzer and Blush.

With my paid orders came these absolutely gorgeous FREE items!
Glamour days eyeshadow palette, pearl single eyeshadow, lipstick, royal blue pencil eyeliner, glitter eyeliner and a red nail polish. These were free items given for the Jubilee Holiday of UK.

I am so happy with my purchase and I really thank MUA for including awesome free ones. I will be reviewing each of these soon so keep checking my blog or better join my site!