Michelle Phan Cotton Candy Carnival Recreated

Pink and blue goes well together. Creates purple when combined. They are girlish and fun colors too! Here I have made a look out of them. This is also inspired from Michelle Phan's Cotton Candy Carnival Look where she used a bright magenta and silver colors. However, I don't have the exact colors she had so I used what I had. I used MUA Eyeshadow Palette in Glamour Days. A super drugstore makeup palette anyone can afford. We don't have to use expensive products to look goo, you know. We can always find alternatives.

My Pink and Blue Eye makeup look

Bright Shimmery Pink on the inner half corners and blue on the outside. 

As much as I want to make the colors really pop out and become more vivid, I don't know how. I could photoshop these photos but it would be realistic.

Here's my video in case you want to see me do it.

MUA Eyeshadow Palette in Glamour Days
Danni Gel Liner
False lashes from ebay