One Baguio One Photography II

One Baguio, One Photography. An event created to showcase the talents of Baguio, La Trinidad and even neighboring towns and cities. An event to build camaraderie and unity among those in the field of photography and those related to it. An event... that's free! -Topper Capuyan Ballola

One Baguio One Photography is one big event where artists from photographers, designers, makeup artists, to models meet and showcase what they've got. It is organized by a group of independent and freelance photographers and stylists headed by Mr Topper Capuyan Ballola. They have come up to plan a historic occasion to expose and exhibit what highland artists got to offer. Its very first blast was held on September 27, 2011 at the Bell House, Camp John Hay, Baguio City where numerous artists joined. Its second year was just held on June 3 at the Mansion House, B.C., and due to insistent public demand and bad weather that time, a second part was performed on June 24 at the Old Diplomat Hotel, B.C. where a lot more participants came as compared to its debute in 2011. A mix of themes and concepts were portrayed from sexy, to high fashion, to glamour, to costume play and fantasy. The affair lasted the whole day. This time on its second year, I am so happy and honored to be a part of it as one of its official Hair and Makeup artist. Also, as it was a big affair and many participants had joined, it caught the media's attention and it was featured in TV Patrol Northern Luzon. 

Here's our official ID. Do you see my photo here?  hehe

A behind the scene photo me working during the first part.

Here are some of the models I have worked with during the event.

Here's a video made by my photographer friend Demio during the first part of the One Baguio One Photography II. As you will see, we were all contained in a covered court because of the uncooperative weather. It was windy and raining hard so it was freaking cold. Nevertheless, the show still went on. And despite the gloomy atmosphere, the artists took it as a challenge to capture the best moment they could.

And because the whole day of June 3 was not enough, many wanted more of the show so a 2nd part was held at Diplomat Hotel Heritage Park. And thank God for giving us a better weather. Here's a video of what happened last June 24 made by Hendrix Sanchez.


Again, it was a great experience and exposure for each and everyone who joined. See you again next year and probably artists from outside Baguio-Benguet can come as well.