Rosebud143 Cute Crimps and Curls

Want another bombshell curls but with a twist? Want to volume up and give body to your hairstyle? Here, I am going to show you how to do those with curls and crimps. It is a hairstyle where we mix both curls and crimps on one head.

This is originally an idea I got from Rose Russo of Rosebud143. She is another gorgeous and pretty YT guru. In her video, she curled and crimped each bunch of hair in each layers. However, I changed it a bit where I curled all one layer, then crimped all next layer doing it alternately until I finish the whole head.

The crimps will help give the hair volume and extra lift. Thus, curls plus crimps results to voluminous and full body hairstyle. Another bombshell look many women want.

And here are the final looks:

Do you like the makeup? Watch it HERE.

 Watch the video here:

Rose Russo (Rosebud143) Video:

Products used:

A flat iron and a triple barrel hot tool.


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  2. you look great with waves! goes well with your make up :)



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