Graphic Eyes and Rhinestone Lips

It has been raining here in the Philippines for like forever and it never stops. I got bored and wanted to do something fun so I played with my makeup. After long time since my last video, filmed a tutorial on how to do this bold, winged, graphic eye with rhinestone studded black lips. This is something you won't wear on a daily basis unless you want to get all eyes on you. 

Rimmel liquid foundation set with Fanny Serrano 2way cake in Organza on skin and a little bit of contouring with Mary Kay powder. Color Institute brown pencil liner shaded and shaped the brows. Intense winged out eyeliner and black lip base is done still with Color Institute black pencil liner and set with Ever Bilena   single shadows in matte black. Rhinestones were glued with a lash adhesive.

Watch the how to video here:


  1. way madam jez san met nga available jay videom directly ditoy hehehe


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