Maquillagistry: Basic Personal Makeup Workshop I

I have been into the makeup industry for more than 2 years now. And with all the different makeup looks, tutorials and photo posts in my facebook, youtube and in this blog, I have earned friends, colleagues and other people who share my passion. I have received quite a number of requests, wishes and messages of how to's and advice. So, I have thought why not a makeup workshop? I was hesitant at first. I was worried it might not be successful, BUT because of support from friends and co-artists, I finally did it! 

And so, after more than a month of preparation and advertising, my makeup workshop was finally held, successfully! YAY! Probably this is the first makeup workshop held in Baguio, as far as I know. It was held on August 18th at Upper Fairview, Baguio City with 4 participants.  Below are some of the photos of what happened during the event.

Here is the ad used in promoting the event. Though I targeted 10 participants, only 4 slots were taken. I am still very thankful with these 4 ladies because with them, I know this is a gonna be a good start for more workshops in the future.

Our makeup buffet displayed in the venue.

The table set up.

Me lecturing and doing a demonstration with my model. (with zero makeup on)

With their five hundred peso look, I am not sure if they were listening intently or feeling sleepy or bored while I was doing some demos.

Checking on their hands-on obras.

Assisting them with each steps.

After the workshop was a pictorial showcasing their works! Yay! As you can see, their own makeup works were not bad at all.

And another group photo with their freebies!

You can view more of the behind-the-scene photos in my facebook act:

I hope you guys learned and at the same enjoyed the event!

And before I end this post, I would like to thank my friends, co-artists, sponsors and participants for making this first workshop possible, successful, and fun!


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Tara Lalaine Natividad


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