MUA Makeup Academy £1 Lip Gloss in Shade 1 and 3

Makeup Academy says: 
With four gorgeous shades and one clear lip gloss to choose from, how will you pick which shade is right for you? MUA's Lip Gloss is just £1, so even buying all five wont break the bank! They're perfect for a swish of colour without the full pigmentation of a Lipstick if you're not sure about what colour to wear. They're a high gloss finish with sparkly glitter inside and they bring a luscious look to your lips! They're moisturising and soft, so no need to worry if it's winter or summer! Your MUA Lip Gloss will be your new best friend. Aww.

MUA Lip Gloss is Shade 3.

Has a smooth sponge tip applicator.

A fresh swatch on my hand. It appears as a thick hot pink in the it's tube but the swatch becomes a faint pink color.

Shade No. 1. It's  a clear gloss with a gold sheen beneath it.

Look at how gorgeous the swatch is. Sort of a clear milky shade with very tiny specks of gold.

1. Smell so yummylicious! I love the smell. It is like a candy that never finishes in my mouth.
2. The price is super affordable!
3. The content in one tube is generous.
4. The applicator is soft and doesn't seem to be made from a cheap material so I believe it won't wear out early.

1. I don't like the consistency. It is a sticky substance which for me feels uncomfortable on the lips. This is one of the reasons I am not fond of lipglosses. It feels heavy, too. As compared to nyx round lipglosses, they are creamy, pigmented, and lightweight on the lips. Only nyx lipg glosses are the glosses I have enjoyed and still enjoying so far.
2. Limited range of shades.

Have you tried these products, too? What other glosses can you recommend?