MUA Mosaic Blush in Royal Rose Swatches and Review

MUA Mosaic Blush in Royal Rose

Okay, this review is sort of super duper overdue and I have to really finish it now. I got this MUA Mosaic blush in Royal Rose from for GBP2.50. 

A close up look of the blush. It has lots of tiny and fine shimmer particles in it.

Swatch on my arm.

Honestly, I am disappointed with how this blush works. As you can see from the swatch above, it does not have a recognizable pigment. It only shines, glows and shimmers. Disappointing how this is called a blush when there is only a slight tint of hue in it. Doesn't work like a real blusher. All it does it shimmer. So, instead of a blusher, I use it a highlighter instead. But I only use it with a very minimal a amount because when used to highlight, it has a very slight tint of pink/coral shade. Haha! Oh well. 
However, the packaging is nice and slim. the cover is see through you can directly see the shade and the gorgeous mosaic design inside. Only that the plastic material used is sort of cheap and likely to break easily. But it's GBP2.50. 


  1. definitely :( I had one also. This one is not as pigmented as other blushes.

    Btw, Great review! I'm a new follower. You are awesome, keep it up! :) Looking forward for your new posts and hoping you'll check and follow my blog too :)


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