Starting my Photography Journey

The art of photography

As a makeup artist, I have been working with models and photographers. Working behind the scenes is a fantastic job and feels great when the results have come out. Being in the glamour industry, I wanted to do more aside from makeup. Other things that I know I would enjoy doing. So, additional to maquillagistry, I sometimes create and designs props and accessories, and also costumes and gowns. Working with photographers most of the time, I now want to be one of them. 

So this time, I am starting to learn the basics of photography with the help of my professional photographer friends, specially from Nymph's Weddings and Events, a photo studio I am affiliated with. I have started reading and "deciphering" some photography lessons from David Boag. Not only should I learn basic photography but also post processing, a procedure used to enhance raw photos.

I got bored last night and played with my babies again. The makeup look was suppose to be strong and bold with focus on the eyes. I wanted to perfect the skin but i was lazy. I found hot pink to be complementary to the eyes. Played with a few scarves and bandanas, angles, emotions, test shots and here's a sample of a fresh and unedited photo I took. I am using a Nikon D3100 DSLR. 

I don't know, I am in love with warm, summery glows and vintage inspired tones. So I made some post processing techniques on the photo and here's the result.

I hope you liked reading this post. It's a bit something different and unrelated to makeup. I don't know, I felt like always posting about makeup reviews was becoming boring so I wanted to do something different, but somehow related. If you have any suggestions or comments on what interests you and things you like to read about, let me know in the comments below.


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