Beggang Resto Grill

Beggang Resto Grill

Beggang Resto Grill is a restaurant who specializes in different meat recipes. It is located right across The Athletic Bowl, Burnham Park, Baguio City. This restaurant review is my first food review event with fellow Baguio bloggers and I am happy and honored to have been invited to join them. ^_^

Here shows the entrance to the haven of appetizing cuisine.  

View outside the resto.

 The restaurant's table set up.

Cushiony round stools in a corner.

A long table for a large circle of friends or family.

 The counter. You can check out their menu for the day and place your orders here.

And another counter with breads, pastries and beverage.

The cute wash area and some ornaments around the place.

Now that we've seen the area, let's get to the foods shall we?

Here's a fridge filled with sweet treats for the sweet tooth. Sadly, it was not a part of the food review but Chelsea wanted the chocolate mousse. She only consumed the mousse part and left the bread.

 Ice tea for everyone. I like their iced tea. The taste is not common and not similar to Jollibee nor McDonalds iced tea nor did it taste like the instant iced tea powders we buy from supermarkets. Beggang Resto Grill's iced tea was more of like with natural ingredients. I can taste sweet lemon or calamansi with it.

And this one of the restaurant's specialty, Kare-kare, Php280. It's a recipe of oxtail and beef shank/kenchi. One serving is good for 4 persons. This is one of my favorite specially when mixed with sauted shrimp paste. The sauce was thick. The beef was super tender and well cooked while the veggies were still crunchy.

This is called the Sizzling Garlic Tuna,Php185. Great for vegetarians. I loved this too. The buttery taste was a bam. I thought it was chicken fillet but i was surprised when I saw the description, it's tuna. The tuna chunks were tender and matched perfectly with the garlic and bell pepper. Super yum!

Now here's the real chicken. It's a Chicken barbecue marinated and grilled, Php160. Super tender and juicy, too! (Now this made me hungry while doing this post.)

Pork Blood Stew, Php135. 

My tummy was super duper happy with the appetizing meals! You get what you pay for. They may be pricey for some but you'll get out of the resto full and satisfied. The table sets and dining area are clean, too.

Beggang Resto Grill is also located within Burnham Park. You can have your lunch here after you walk around the park, or take a walk after your meal.


  1. I've eaten my dinner already but seeing this post makes me hungry again. -__-


  2. I'm hungry! Glad your tummy was super duper happy!

  3. Loved the Kare-Kare! :P LOLs and the Sizzling Garlic Tuna did taste like chicken! How weird right? :P

    It was super awesome to have you with us, here's to more food events! :D yay! :)

  4. I like the karekare, i believe it is their specialty, great pics!


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