Jim's Retro Diner 1: Model and Food Photography

Jim's Retro Diner Model and Food Photography

Jim's Retro Diner is a 1950's retro themed restaurant based in Upper Session Road, Baguio City who serves humongous food burgers to large club sandwiches. They also serve other food snacks like fries, pasta dishes, rice meals, ice cream, fruit shakes and many more.
(Learn more about Jim's Retro Diner in my travel and food post to be up soon.)

As a member of a photography club, we were invited for a themed food photography with models for this restaurant. I and my friend Ahren of Hautebellebeau styled and made up 5 models for the event. 

(photo credit: Cysar Soriano)
We have matched the hair and makeup with the restaurant's creative theme of course. Simple winged eyeliner paired with red hot lips inspired from Manilyn Monroe were done to the female models. On our Elvis Presley look alike model, mutton chop sideburns were drawn along the sides of his face.

Moving on with the belly delights, here are some photos I took. I was not able to complete all displayed mouth watering giant foodies. (However, please stay tuned for a more in depth post in the future about this diner- the restaurant, the food, history and ambiance.)

This is Jim's Retro Diner G-I-A-N-T burger meal. The size of this was way too big compared to McDonald's and Jollibee's quarter pound burger. I remember this was almost the size of Chelsea's face. 4 hungry mouths may be satisfied by this one huge burger with fries.

Just look at the big bun, juicy patty, fresh green veggies and the golden yellow fries. 

This large plate is called Virginia Summer's Platter Meal, named after the owner's daughter. One serving contains 1 juicy and crispy fried chicken, sauce loaded pasta, chewy pizza, fresh veggie salad, crunchy french fries and buttery toasted breads. One platter would absolutely  satisfy a very hungry mouth.

A closer look. 

Diner restaurants of course should not be missing club house sandwiches. One large square plate of Jim's Diner has 4 large club sandwiches stuffed with crunchy veggies, creamy cheese, mayo dressing and tasty hams. On the center are large cut golden fries.

Just look at that cute little flag on the center.

And yet working with Jim's Retro Diner was another successful event. I believe every meal you'll order from this place will surely satisfy your cravings. Whether it's pasta, a rice meal, or pizza, they'll surely completely fill an empty stomach (to the max). One serving of each of their meal is overwhelming you might think they are being force fed! Every plate serving in this restaurant is perfect for every couple, a group of friends and even a large family. The clean and colorful red and white ambiance of the place with Manilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley photos around surely would make you enjoy your stay and meal experience. Not only that, there's free wifi, too!

So if you're in Baguio or heading to Baguio and looking for a place to eat, remember to look for Jim's Retro Diner. It is located at the left side entrance La Azotea Building, Upper Session Road, Baguio City.
(Pls watch out for a more details post about the restaurant in my next posts.)

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