SHOP FEATURED: Karen Cabotaje

Karen Cabotaje Cosmetics

Karen Cabotaje is a Baguio-based online seller of a lot of useful items from cosmetics, to clothes, to kitchenware and many more. 

She originally sold cosmetics like Benefit, Excel Lip cremes and Singapore Mac with only an initial capital of Php1500. From a very humble beginning, her shop now grown to various products catering not only to beauty addicts but almost  to everyone. Today, she has expanded to fashion wares from blouses, shirts, shoes and bags. She also have kitchen utensils like automatic can openers, food storage wares, and others. 

Ms. Cabotaje uses her personal name as her shop's name to avoid the doubt of being a scammer. Discounts are given for bulk orders and freebies to regular clients.

Check out her facebook shop now: KAREN CABOTAJE


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