SHOP FEATURED: Love Dominique

Love Dominique by Maia Love

"The shop was born in 2009 as an alternate to my other online shop, Chiques Empire. My plan initially was to sell new products for this shop as the Chiques Empire was created for my pre-loved items. The shop fared well considering the booming online shops in Baguio. I have catered clients as far as Canada and Italy. My goal as it has been from the start was to provide the most convenient way to shop from your homes with pleasure. "

"Due to some technical errors, my old account was converted into a page. I have to start all over again and renew contacts with my clients. We cater to Beauty, Health and Fashion. We assure you the lowest price in terms of wholesale and retail as well. We deal with authentic products and Class A ones. 
Please check our page to get an idea on what our current products are. FYI, not all items are being uploaded on our fb aocount. Most of it are listed at and to our web site , which is being reconstructed for your convenience. "

We are in the process of creating a LOVE card for our clients. Stay tuned for more because we are giving away free products, thank you treats such as GC's for spa, massage and a whole lot more! "

-Maia Love

Contact: 09162424151 for details.
Facebook Page: Love Dominique

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