Perfect Eyebrows with Etude House Drawing Eyebrow and Color my Brows

Grooming and doing the eyebrows in makeup is one crucial steps for the brows frame the eyes and can either make you look happy, sad, angry, confused or depending on how it looks. Here I show how I use Etude House brow products on myself.

Here is a my raw brows without any makeup:

Here'show it looks like after I finish it with Etude House brow products:

The products I used:
Etude House Drawing Eyebrow in #1

Etude House Color my Brows in #1

Watch the video to see this products in action:


  1. I love how your brows appear so natural! It doesn't look like it was drawn! :)

    ♥, Isabel

    1. Thank you Isabel, that's one thing I like with the Etude House brow pencil. The sahde is also just right, not too light or too dark for my hair color..

  2. Ang perfect! ♥ I love your brows, theyre sooo nice!
    I only wish mine were THAT tamed :)

    And I love brow products!! ♥ Cant get enough of them!


    1. Hi Shari, Thank you.. I love etude house products.. haha! this brow product really appears natural.. =)

  3. Nice natural. How do you groom them? Shave? Pluck? Or thread?


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