ResToeRun: Your Appetite for Shoes

ResToeRun, Camp John Hay, Baguio City
ResToeRun, your appetite for shoes.

ResToeRun is a fashion footwear store that has a concept of a "restaurant". It is a one-stop shop for well engineered casual wear, fliplop sandals and sports inspired shoe-wears meant to last for a long time. It caters to the whole family from the young ones to the elderly as their saying goes "There's one for everyone at Restoerun". 

It is owned by Primer Group of Companies who owns over a hundred brands like Bratpack, Roxy, etc. It visions to be the leading fashion footwear concept store locally and globally. Working with this vision, it garnered the "Best in Fashion retailer for Shoes and bags in the Small Category" award. There are already about 26 ResToeRun stores nationwide.

Although ResToeRun has already been in the market for 5 years, its branch at Camp John Hay, Baguio City has started operating around February 2012. 

Restoerun Baguio was having an ongoing sale at 10% off when we visited the place. See just how creative this store is. Their station had the concept of a market with piled crates but instead of fruits and vegetable in them, there were shoes.

The entrance to the store with warm and smiling salespersons to assist you.

The name "ResToeRun" was not just conceptualized to sound like restaurant, but it has meaningful definitions within the syllables. "Res" which sounds like "rest" pertains to their collection of comfortable casual footwear. As the word suggests, you can 'rest' your feet in these comfy shoes. "Toe" covers their toe-flaunting fliplops and sandals. This collection includes slippers, beach sandals and fliplops and anything that shows your toes with brands like Fliptops. And lastly "Run" would be for athletic inspired footwear styles. This collection now constitutes Kickers, Supra, and the like. 

The "Res" Collection

The "Toe" Section

And here's beautiful pair that caught my eye I wanted to buy. Soon.

And the "Run" Collection

This is display behind the counter. It has a plate, mugs and jars in it.
Which part of the house does it resemble? Yeah, the kitchen cupboard.

And here are random photos I took around the shop. 
A wine glass with a jar of pasta.

And  a bottle with another glass to match it.

The kitchen counter inspired cashier area..

And yep, that's me.


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