Sleek Makeup Contour Kit in Medium Swatches and Review

Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit in Medium
The Face Contour kit combines a dark matte pressed powder and an illuminating highlighter, in a handbag friendly mirror palette. Contour kit works to sculpt your features and has amazing slimming effects. 

Swatches on my hand. Left is the matte contour powder and on the right is the illuminating highlighter.

Face before using the contour kit.

With Face Contour Kit. The matte contour powder was applied below the cheekbone from the ear forward stopping below the apple of the cheeks. The highlighter was applied just above where I placed the contour powder below the corner of the eye and above the apples of the cheek.

PRO-TIPS from sleekmakeup: 
After contouring, apply a light girly blush to the apples of the cheeks. like Blush in Pixie Pink or Life's a Peach. Don't stop there! Face Contour Kit is great for adding definition to collar bones and cleavage.
Using a brush, apply the pressed to the apple of the cheeks for a darker defined look. then apply the highlighter to the upper and lower area of the cheekbones for a highlighted contour.


  1. I am thinking of buying this but i ended up with Fanny Serrano's in Rajah. :(

    by the way i just followed your blog. Mind to follow back?

    1. hi dear, just followed back. =) I also have fanny serrano's in rajah and I use it for contouring, too.. it's also nice, althoug for me, its a bit orange-ry as for my complexion as compared with sleek's contour kit. =)


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