Beauty Cosmetics 12 Pcs Black Handle Synthetic Makeup Brush Set

I already had this brush set since they went out in the online market. This is one of the many brush sets from Beauty Cosmetics. 

Beauty Cosmetics 12 Pcs Black Hanlde Synthetic Makeup Brush Set. From the name itself, its composed of 12 pcs and contained in a matte synthetics leather brush roll.
Costs Php 1250.

Bristles are made of synthetic fibers. Ferrule is made of a thin metal attached to a wooden handle with "Beauty Cosmetics" printed on it.

Large face powder brush. This is super soft and dense. I get lots of compliments from clients with this brush. They love how soft it is.

Flat top brush. I use this apply liquid or cake foundation. I prefer using this over a sponge because its not messy at all and I don't have to touch the client's face and get my hands damp, too. I wish it was denser but still works good though as it is.

Angled face brush. I use this to apply blush and contour.

Foundation Brush. It is silky and soft as well. It is made of a stiffer and silkier material not the same as the other brushes.

Blending brush. This is one of my favorite. It's an all around brush I use to apply and blend eyeshadow at the same time without shifting brushes.

large shade brush. 

short shader brush

angled eye brush

contour/pencil brush. And another favorite of mine. I use this to apply darker eyeshadow colors to contour and create crease lines.

concealer brush. Stiff brush similar to that of the foundation brush.

lip brush

flat angled liner/brow brush. I use this to do the brows. Its sort of thick to create fine winged liners but may be good for smudged eyeliners.

Overall, I love this set. I like that its black because it appears sleek and pro. Doesn't look cheap with its Php1250 price. The brush roll as well is nice and lightweight. All the bristles are soft my clients love it. They don't feel like their skins are scratched with it. One thing I just don't like about is that the smell of the brush roll leather. But, it was be gone after a few washes. The handles too are not sturdy. They were just glued to the ferrule. The foundation brush head actually fell off when I used it I had to glue it back. But of course, considering the price, its fine for a beginners makeup kit. Or perhaps personal use where you don't use it that much.


  1. I really wanted to try some of beauty cosmetics brush set but I'm still deciding what to get :)

    1. haha! I was in that situation before.. its because they have a lot of products now.. everything is good you really can't decide which one.. ^_^


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