Emerald Green: Color of the Year 2013 Makeup Tutorial

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Emerald green is 2013's color of the year as stated by Pantone, a worldwide known authority on color for designers and various industries. From outfits, to makeup, to nails, to accessories, even home furnishing and appliances, green is everywhere. This post is my take on a green makeup. Something for prom, party, casual day or night out, or whenever you feel like it.
Green is a fresh and rejuvenating color. It calms the eyes and gives a relaxing feel. Why not wear it this summer to beat the heat? Continue reading to see how I did the eye makeup here.

These are the products used:
Sleek makeup iDivine Palette in Original
Elf Studio Eye Primer (forgot to include in photo)
Nichido Pencil Liner
Miners Matte factor Lip Paint in peach
NYX Round lipgloss in Peach
Maybelline Lash Stilleto Mascara
ELF Studio Blush in Candid Coral

Shades from the palette I used are numbered 1-5.

1. Prime lids as always. Priming the lid preps the skin for the eye shadow. 
This helps the eye shadows to stay in place and keeps them pigmented.

2. Take a shimmery green eyeshadow (Number 4 in the palette) and apply it on the 2/3 area of the lid.

3. On the inner corners, apply shade 5, a lighter green color.

4. Apply shade 3 on the outermost corner of the lid and blend well.

5. Take that same lighter green color and place it on the inner half of the lower lid.

6. Take green number 4 again and place it on the outer half of the lower lid.

7. Apply black eyeliner all around the eye. On the upper and lower lashline
 including the waterlines top and bottom.

8. Take shade number 2, a shimmery noir color and layer it over the black liner to set it.

9. Last eye shadow, shade number 1, apply it on the brow bone area for highlight.
Then blend everything well.

10. Curl and apply mascara (or falsies if you'd like).

And the eyes are done.

11. Finish the face your blusher applying it on the hollows of the cheek to serve as contour. You may not need to apply blusher on the apples of your cheeks so as not to take away attention from the eyes.

12. Last last last step, put on a peach lip color 

and coat it with a lip gloss to add shine.

I hope you enjoyed this one. Give it a try and tag me in facebook. Or post it on my facebook page's wall: The Beauty Goddess. 


  1. Green is so soothing to the eyes. I love this post!

    Your photos are great! Very informative and clear I really enjoyed browsing through your blog :) Would you like to follow each other? I just followed you on GFC, hope you will too :) Looking forward to more posts from you! More power!


    1. Thank you. I appreciate your comment. yep, I'm checking your blog now. =)


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