Natural Daytime Work Office School Makeup Tutorial

This is one of my daily makeup looks where it only takes a few minutes to do. Well prepped skin, neatly groomed brows, earth color eyeshadows and a baby pink. Nothing dramatic. Continue reading/viewing the picture tutorial to know how I do it. 

These are the products I used. (Face products excluded.)
BROWS: Pinkie Swear Brow Pencil
EYES: Elf Studio Eye Primer
Rose Russo by Chikaboom Eyeshadow Palette
Sleek makeup Lash Out Mascara
Nichido Black Pencil Liner
Avon Pink Eye lash Curler
Nyx Round Lipstick in Tea Rose
Nyx Round Lipgloss in Mauve

1. I start out with clean eyelids.

2. Apply eyeshadow primer and blend out.

3. Apply a brown eyeshadow all over lid.

4. Blend out the edges of the brow eye shadow.

5. Apply a shimmery white/pearl eyeshadow on the brow bone area to serve as highlight.

6. Apply the same brown eyeshadow on the lower lid.

7. Apply a tiny amount of black eyeshadow on the outer corner on the main lid and blend well.

8. Line the lash line with a black pencil liner.

9. Line the lower lashline as well, halfway in for a soft look since its a daytime look.

10. Smudge out the liner to smooth it out. You can use a sponge tip applicator or a cotton bud.

11.Smudge out the bottom liner, too.

12. Apply the same shimmery eye shadow on the inner corners to brighten up the eye.

13. Curl lashes.

14. Apply mascara.

15. Outline brows and fill them in.

16. Blend out with a spooly.

17. Apply a soft pink blush on cheeks.

18.  Pick a baby pink lipstick. 

19. And layer it with a lipgloss.

And you're done.

This is look is great if you don't want a heavy makeup look. Just right for daytime, natural look for work, school or office. Nothing too dramatic and and it'll certainly make you look the real you. Only enhanced. 

Thank you for reading and let me know if you want more picture tutorials as this is easier to do than Youtube videos. I hope this is also a better way to do tutorials because the photos are better and can be viewed when the internet is slow. Ha ha!


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