Hot Pink Fur / Velvet Nail Art

I first heard about fur or velvet nails from MUA. I was intrigued and curious to try it because its pretty uncommon and it's something new, despite with me not so much into nail art. I wanted to purchase one from but it was out of stock for a long time. 
Then I saw a local seller online selling it but with a different brand. And it comes in a set, a nail polish and a nail powder/villus. I believe Labidabz Creations got it from Korea from the characters printed on the bottle. She offers them in many shades but I got the hot pink one for trial.

Here's a final look of the nail art. Gorgeous isn't it?

The nail polish. The smell of this  is different from other nail polish. It does not have the acetone odor. When I finished my nails, the smell changed to a sweet fruity odor.

The fur/velvet or villus powder.

Here is  my unpretty hand with unpretty nails. It is advised to use a base coat before applying the main polish. I am just lazy and wanted to do it straightaway so I did'nt use any base coat.

1. I applied one coat of the nail polish. It is also advised to apply one coat, 
wait for it to dry then apply the second coat.

2. Right after applying the polish while it is still very wet, immediately dip and roll your nail on to the powder. Here, I poured it onto a sheet of paper. You can also dip and roll your nail inside the jar. Make sure to coat your nail well. And gently press the powder all over to ensure they stick to the polish.

3. It may look messy and ruined at this step but don't worry. 

4. Just gently brush away any excess powder.

5. And your done. Proceed with your other nails.

Here's the final result with my other nails done. Since this is a 3d effect nail art, no top coat is needed. Also, wait for a couple of hours before touching water.


The next day after doing some hand works like preparing meal, dish washing, etc, here's how it looks. I have already touched water, soap, rubbed my hands together, scratched my back and the fur coat is still intact.

But look closely at the encircled nail on this photo.  My nail here appears to be bald. This happens probably because I did not apply enough nail polish beforehand. Remember, I only used 1 coat. There was not enough polish for the fur to stick on to. I probably need to redo this and use 2 coats instead.

Look here again. On the side part of this nail shows a clear part of the polish. This was the first nail I made. This probably happened because I did not immediately dip it on to the fur powder because I had to take its photo. It dried up fast before the powder could stick on it. And yep, I think I will redo this and do it right this time.

I love it. This type of nail art is something new and cool. At least sometimes we could get away from the old traditional plain nail polish. Textured nail art is the trend now. This velvet fur nail art to me is special. Sort of like a red carpet texture on the hands. Ha ha!

As to the product, although it may be messy to apply but id doesn't matter to me. As long as I get beautiful results, it's fine. I also love how vibrant the color is.

Once the polish and fur are dried, they stay in place. I did not worry about it going all over the place like sticking on my clothes or whatever. Also, even if I wash my hands with soap and water, the material does not come off easily. I am also surprised that as time goes whenever I do chores or works with my hands, IT DOES NOT CHIP. Unlike regular nail polishes, this velvet fur nail polish fades. The fur slowly thins out whenever I touch water. It is not a problem because it is just a matter of the vibrancy and layers. And when it finally fades, its time to change them out which happens in my case, in a week.