Do-it-yourself Eyeshadow Primer

What is the trick to vibrant, long lasting and smudge proof eye makeup?
Eyeshadow primers!

Eye primers are products used before applying any eye makeup. This creates a base for the eye shadow to stick on to. It also helps the eye makeup become more pigmented when applied and prevents it from getting messy. There are a lot of brands of eye shadow primers from famous and pricey ones like Urban Decay and Too faced Cosmetics. Affordable ones are also available from Elf. But did you know you can make your own at home and the result is just as fabulous as the high end ones?
Please keep on reading how I made mine.

Here's a simple way I did to create my own eye shadow primers 
as it is one of my most reached products and it runs out fast.

1. Prepare a clean container with a cap and a spatula to mix things altogether.
2. Most DIY primer online you can search use a third of each of foundation, concealer and body butter. But in my case, I used a BB cream (BB gold sachet sample), foundation (Etude House), body butter (Soap and Glory) and a face primer (MUA).
3. Squeeze each of the products onto the container, I estimated them to be of equal amount.
4. Then mix your spatula.
5. Here's a swatch of the result.

Here is a photo of eye shadow swatches used with a brush (not my finger). As you can see, the bottom swatches with the homemade primer underneath each shadows are more pigmented than the ones on top.

These are the primers I use on myself and on my clients. An ELF eyelid primer, Elf Studio Primer, the homemade one and Urban Decay.

Here's a comparison for the 4 primers I use. The basic Elf primer does not do much help, maybe that's why is a lot cheaper. The Elf Studio primer did better than the first. Now the DIY primer works almost the same as the Urban Decay. Although the UD primer appears clean and there is no white cast underneath it, the price is still a downside as compared to a DIY primer which almost cost you nothing.

I hope this helped you  a bit.


  1. Hi! How's the staying power of you e/s when used with your DIY primer?

    1. Hi Michelle, its lasts naman the whole day. Also, it's kinda hard to wash off. leaves a bit of stain. =)

  2. what a great way to save up for primers.looks promising!


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