Hairstyles with Accents and Petals

photo from accents and petals
Accents and Petals is a Philippine based online store specialized in flowers, bouquets, accessories and the like made from recycled and reused wood and paper. They live up to their tag line "Accents and petals, where flowers last a lifetime". They cater to clients all around the globe.
I have worked with them in several bridal and product shoots. The owner is a friend and mentor. Knowing that I am a makeup artist and were both into blogging, they have provided me with some accessories to use for my clients and to review as well.

hair accessory with flowers made out of wood carvings and accentuated with crystal beads
Photo above is a hair accessory made from wood carvings accented with crystal beads. Just look at all the details. From the individual flowers to this one bunch of accessory are purely handmade. Each wood carving is shaped into petals and carefully arranged into a flower. Then the beads and other ad-ons are included.

Single flowers with hair clip
Here are individual flowers with hair clips in different sizes. Tiny cute ones to big ones. Still made out of wood carvings.

Paper bead accessory
Not only do they make products from wood but also paper. Recycled papers from magazines, old newspapers and books as well. Photo above is an accessory from rolled paper strips and dipped and baked into a solution to ensure longevity. It can be used on the hair, gowns, bouquet accents and many more. Up to your creativity and imagination.

Of course, I am hair and makeup artist and I used them mainly on the hair. Here are different ways how I used the individual wooden flowers. 

A. A bohemian inspired hairstyle. A single braid on one side and all waved and curled hair are gathered and swept to the opposite side. The wooden flower adds a girly feel to the look.

B. From the hairstyle above, I just bunned the mane on one side and clipped on one large wooden flower for a classic hairstyle. Simple yet elegant. This one is my favorite.

C. For a sexy bombshell hairstyle, I did this by sweeping all the  curls on one side. Gathered some hair on the opposite and created a mini bun. I used the paper beads to accompany the bun for a princess-y/goddess feel.

D. Here's a unique way to style your hair. I made a 3 layered pony tails, each one is looped, and just clipped on the flowers like so.

E. This one is very quick and easy to do. I just made a bun on. If its too plain for your taste, add a flower for a bit of glam.

F. I wanted to show off that big sexy hair, so I left it wavy and curly from the front to the back. I crown braided the top and accentuate with the paper beads. Another goddess hairstyle.

Which one is your fave look?

Thoughts on Accents and Petals

Accents and Petals  products are one of a kind. They are not mass produced but rather handmade so you are assured of the quality- durable and long lasting. They are also environmentally friendly because recycled materials are used. Purchasing their product is also helping mother earth. 

Accents and petals mainly caters to weddings. Thus, they produce flowers, bouquets, corsage, boutonniere,  and other floral arrangements products. Since they use recycled materials, your wedding flower would last a lifetime and can be passed on to your daughters, and grand daughters and great grand-daughters, and so on. Provided, they are well kept and taken cared of. This is not the case with fresh flowers that wilt and dry. Your wedding flowers is a treasure that will symbolize a long lasting marriage.

Their products are also not limited to bouquets only. They also make raw products that can be recreated to create your own. Like in this blog post, I used the flowers for hair styling. End results from using these accessories are endless. I am also thinking of using them as accents to a gown, dress or costume.

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