Organizing my Makeup Kit

Sometimes I get a little obsessive with my makeup kit specially that I am a makeup artist. I want my babies to be organized, and sometimes even want them to be uniformed so I tend to purchase a lot of products with similar and cute packaging. I was browsing the photos of one of the many professional makeup artist and it was cute how she organized her kits by using clear pouches. 

Google image

With that, I wanted to set up my kits where in each kind of product is contained in one case like all face products in one bag, another contains blushes only, a separate one for single eyeshadows, and so on. I looked everywhere from ebay to multiply and even asked around where I could purchase clear makeup pouches.

Ebay has some listings but they are located in the US or UK and would not ship to the Philippines. I haven't found even one on multiply. A friend suggested Suesh, a large makeup store here in the Philippines but their prices are expensive for me + I have to pay shipping. 

I saw some friends who own some clear pouches and were so kind to give it to me. Wohoo! Anabelle of said she has about 2 pouches and would be sending them to me soon. Haha! Another friend swapped her 2 pouches for a palette. Hihi. I am blessed! Thank you!

However, being a little bit OC, I want them to all look alike and also, they're not enough for all the products in my kit. So, I have decided, why won't I handcraft them? And so I did.

These are the materials I used in making my clear pouches. Magnetic plastic cover, some black linings, zippers, thread and needle.

My finished products! Wohoo! See how neat they are? Also, like products in one case. The transparent case is also beneficial making it easier for me to find the item I need.

And my kit is all set. ^_^

Thanks for reading!