Simple Gyaru Make up Look

I've been a fan of Japanese celebrities and trends lately from Jrock artists, to cosplay to anime. To show my appreciation with the Japanese trends, I made a simple gyaru makeup look and here's what I came up with.
It's just a simple gyaru/ulzzang look that can be worn everyday at daylight. It's light, soft, girly and clean. Nothing too heavy. I will probably do one exagerrated ulzzang or gyaru look soon. 

Skin is prepped with a light to medium coverage foundation from Etude House. Bridge of the nose, top of the cheeks and chin are highlighted with Maybelline Concealer. Base is set and sealed with a compact powder from Maybelline as well. Blush is Elf Baked blush in Passion Pink. Hollows of the cheeks and noseline is slightly contoured with MUA matte bronzer. The brows are lightly shaded with a light brown pencil from MUA and set with Dolly wink brow mascara in No 1 to match the blonde wig. Eyes were primed with Elf primer and sealer and eyeshadows are from Rose Russo palette. Winged liner on top and bottom to create an illusion of large eyes and even shape is from Etude House. White eyeliner is used on the waterline to brighten up the eyes. Of course, false lashes on top and bottom are important. And finally, circles (Tiffany lenses from Countess Henri Glamshoppe) are used to complete the look. The wig is purchased from Kaledascopic Wig Shop. Shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes is also important for a bright and awakened look. Nude lips with gloss are enough so as not to overpower the eyes. I popped on a blonde wig for a more gyaru feel as my hair was black.

Watch me do it here:

Are you also a fan of Japanese trend? Let me know in the comment below and if your got requests for Japanese looks you might want me to do.


  1. I am also a fan of Jap trend somehow. Although they kinda mix in me - Jap, Koren, all Asian hehe. Lovely!~ Cool post dear!

    Hope we can follow each other dear! Already following you. Happy weekend!

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    1. Hello Chai, thank you for the comment. just followed you back as well. you a cosplayer too? =)

    2. oh yes you are.. just checked your facebook page..haha! awesome!


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