Summer 2013 Giveaway CLOSED

First SUMMER 2013 GIVEAWAY from me!

I am happy to finally launch a blog giveaway. Yahoo! First time ever from me. (Except the one I have collaborated with some other beauty bloggers).  I don't know. I just feel like giving something back to people who read my blog and follow me. I don't have anything much to say because id on;t know what to say so let's just go ahead and check on the prizes.

One winner will get all these awesome items.
Vanity mirror, a box (10 pairs) of full thick lashes, Tiffany Contact Lenses in Bella Black, Danni Gel liner in Black

Sponsored by Jeanah
Bangs Cutter, Eyelid tape, Eyebrow Stencils

Sponsored by Labidabz Bodytreatsnaccessories 
Red Fur Velvet Nail Polish with base, Matte Black Nail Polish

This giveaway will last for 3 weeks starting from April 8-27, 2013.


Please join and let us make this successful!
Finally! we've got a winner. I never thought verifying the winner would so hard. First 3 winners we picked were disqualified because they did not follow all rules. But anyhoo, here's our winner. Please message me your details until tomorrow so we can ship out your prizes. Thank you all for joining! I'll be throwing another giveaway this coming May. wohoo!


  1. pls do revlon makaeup giveaway in the future.. i love reading makeup look post

  2. If possible, UD or Etude House products for another giveaway. :3
    I really love reviews, hauls and diy posts. :3

  3. I wanted to read more on fashion/fitness entries. :D

  4. Cool shirts which is good for summer for another giveaway.
    I would like to read more about fashion. :)

  5. Joined your giveaway! Fingers crossed! I want those lashes sooooo baaaaddd!! :P

    I want doll contact lenses or perhaps a lipstick haul for your next giveaway! :P

  6. I love joining giveaways and for the prize I'm looking forward to the make up brushes. I love reading hauls and cheap make up finds.

  7. excited!! goodluck sis ♥♥
    ohhhwww lashes i want! hihi

  8. I suggest you review piles of korean skin care products. Etude House and Tony Moly will do! :) And I hope you have more giveaways more to have. :D I suggest Etude House products as your next giveaway prizes. :) Thanks for this! JOINING! :) More power to your blog. :D ♥

  9. Yiheeee ...!!! =) done sissy <3...

  10. Blog about beauty home remedies. :) Tips on how to travel and enjoy summer without spending lots of money! Hehe. :)

  11. Do you wish for more giveaways in the future? YES!
    What prizes are you looking forward to? Fab clothes :)
    What topics/things would you like to see on this blog? more reviews and tutorials :)

  12. I would love to see giveaways about hair products. I hope to win.

  13. .kikay stuffs like accessories,beauty products,, to see more about books you love to read movies, music etc...

  14. i love this :) things i can never have.. i wish i can win one of them though :) goodluck

  15. Do you wish for more giveaways in the future? YES!!! =]

    What prizes are you looking forward to?
    Lovely and beautiful clothes.. ^_^

    What topics/things would you like to see on this blog?
    more fashion/make up reviews and tutorials..


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