Sumo Sam Baguio Grand Opening

The privilege of being a blogger, I was invited to another restaurant review and yep, as the title states, Sumo Sam Baguio. Sumo Sam Baguio is located at Ayala Technohub, Camp Johnhay, Baguio City. They started operating in Baguio around February but had their grand opening last April 5.

Sumo Sam is a famous Japanese restaurant chain owned by actor and entrepreneur Marvin Agustin.  It opened it first store in 2005 and now getting ready for their 30th. 

Sumo Sam Baguio with a bar-lounge inspired interior.
Sumptuous food and drinks during the opening.

Of course I had a taste of everything. The photo in the middle with the green tea is my plate. 

With fellow Cordillera bloggers who witnessed the event.

My thoughts

This first time experience with Sumo Sam was satisfying. It is where you can find umami Asian food if your craving for it. They've got dishes from chicken, beef, to noodles, to fresh raw seafood recipes. Everything was tasty and I liked their own mix of green iced tea, very refreshing. Among the dishes served, my favorite was the Japanese Fried Rice. The seasoning was great mixed with veggies and some meat bits I guess. You can eat it alone without any viand. I also liked their Chicken Teriyaki and Seafood Yakisoba. The Chicken Teriyaki was soft, sweet and juicy. Sumo Sam is not much into sweet desserts but they serve fresh and crunchy fruits to end a meal.

Sumo Sam surely will satisfy any Asian food cravings so I am certainly going back there with my family this time.