Makeup Academy The Artiste Collection Palette Swatches and Review

This is a beautiful artiste collection palette on the go which helps create a full face all in one, with 6 brand NEW merged eye shadows, two powder blushers and a contour shade and highlighter.

Shades include shimmery merged tones for fashion-forward statement smoky eyes with light and earthy naturals for an everyday look which can easily be transformed into an evening smoky eye look. The two blushes include warm pink shades for a soft shimmer finish. Finally the contour and highlighter helps create a flawless sculpted natural glow.
These rich, high-pigmented colours help achieve a stunning look this summer.
GBP6 from
This is a first of a kind for MUA. Eyeshadows, highlighter, blusher and bronzer in one palette. The 6 eye shadows on the top row are named as Pistachio, Mocco, Ice, Grape, Chocolate and Cookie. 
The first two on the bottom are two shades of blusher. The 3rd is a contouring bronzer and the last one is a highlighter.
Here are the swatches using my fingers. No primers applied beforehand.
I had mixed feeling on this palette. I was not very much impressed with the eye shadows. They were not very pigmented as compared to their other eye shadow palettes. They seem to be chalky and powdery for me. Same goes with the blushers and bronzer and highlighter. However, pigmentation may be good when you use eye primers before using them and also build up the color. This may be good for those who would want to experiment and play with makeup and not waste on the high end ones. This is also a good product to carry aroun or bring along when travelling as most of the products you need are in one handy palette, thus, lesser luggage.
 I realized GBP6 for this palette was not practical. I would just purchase the other palettes from MUA like the Undressed palette which I have reviewed HERE.  I only used this Artiste palette a few times and gave it to a friend.
Have you tried any of the other MUA palettes? Which one do you like?


  1. Haven't tried any palettes from MUA yet. This looks so-so. I actually need a new colorful palette with matte eyeshadows and not much in the shimmery department.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this product!


    1. Thank you for reading and commenting.. ^_^

  2. this is a great post! I've never tried and MUA products

    1. Thank you. You should try them. they have one of the most affordable yet has quality makeups. =)


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