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July 6, 2013

Old woman transform to a 26 year old lady with magic water

I was making some trial makeup and I thought i would try to turn myself to an old woman. Then I filmed me removing the makeup which turns out just like an old woman miraculously turns young after using a magic water.


  1. amazing post!!! i love it ;)
    i would love to follow each other because I really love your blog!!
    kisses pretty

    1. Hi patricia! I just followed you on gfc and bloglovin. I love yout outifts.. =) thanks for putting up translations on your blog. I don;t understand spanish. haha!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi June! i'm already following you both GFC and bloglovin. keep in touch!

  3. Wow ang galing mo :)
    Very craetive, hope you could also drop by in my blog and follow I'm a newbie, in blogging.

    Thank you! keep doing unique make up look you are so good!!! :)
    Are you a MUA?

    sorry new subbie here.. :)

    1. Hi Lei,
      yup, I just followed you via networked blog. I commented to your first post as well.
      And yes, I'm a freelance MUA here in Baguio.

      Thanks for reading dear!


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