Makeup for Eye Glasses

Depending on the lens of your eyeglasses, your eyes may recede or protrude. In my case, my eyes recede behind the lenses so this post shows you how to do a simple makeup look that'll make the eyes stand out behind eyeglasses. Read more to see how I do it.
Here's the final look of the makeup I did for this tutorial.

My eyes appear smaller than normal whenever I wear my eyeglasses. I don't want that so with makeup, I'm making them appear defined and larger behind lenses. I primed my eyelids with my homemade eyeshadow primer. Then I applied the white eyeshadow from my Rose Russo Palette. To contour the crease, I used a matte brown eyeshadow and layered it with a matte black for more definition. To shape the eyes, I then lined my upper and bottom lashline with Nichido's waterproof black eyeliner and smudged and blended it out with a blending brush. To instensify the shape of the eyes, I again line the lashlines with a black liquid eyeliner from Etude House. Then finished the eyes by curling and applying mascara.

Watch the video for the demo/tutorial.

And the finished look.
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  1. Amazing, I don't really wear glasses. But seeing that it looks sooo chic on you , makes me want to. Btw, you have a very nice skin tone, so sexy ^^.

    Loving it!♥

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