Promo: The SM Store (Baguio) 3 Day (Cray Cray) Sale!

Here's a new post from me after a long break. But, it's a good news for you everyone! Wanna know what it is? Read more...
How do you react when you see or hear there's a sale? Well I freak out my self! My eyes widen out, my ear enlarges, my heart skips and my feet rushes to where it is. Well, here's the news, the SM Store is having another big 3 day sale for  this year! Eeeeek! Listen up shopaholics as I share to you all the info.

Firstly, this crazy event sale is happening for three (3) days, October 18, 19 and 20. (Gah, I wish I could get a plane ticket for this ASAP!) Don't you think 3 days is already long enough to shop? Better than a one day clearance sale, right?

Now, within those 3 days, I've heard you can save in three ways for up to 50% off on a great selection! Way big saving, right? On the first day, October 18, Friday, you have to be an early bird and be there at least before 9 o'clock right when the store opens so you can get an additional 10% discount on top of the existing discount if you have an SM advantage card. This will only happen for the first two (2) hours, so be early! Also, anybody here using a BDO credit card? Lucky for you! You can get another 5% discount when you spend at least Php 5,000.00 single-receipt purchase.  Too bad, mine is not BDO. (Hmmmn, thinking of switching banks. Haha.) Lastly, don't just shop on the first day, get back to the store on the second and third day, October 19 and 20. They say you can get another Php 100 coupon for every Php 2,000.00 single-receipt purchase.

I think this is a good time to shop for this coming holiday season. Taking advantage of this sale to buy gifts for friends and relative, and also stuffs for your self is a good way to spend money and avoiding the rush when the season comes.

And oh wait, I forgot one more thing. They also said you can get a chance to win an Internet TV for every Php 2,000.00  single-receipt buy. I think this is a good chance for us to change our big old bulky TV. Hmmmnnn... (Calls husband and informs about the news.)

So there, you heard the news from me right before it's gonna happen. So for me, too bad i can't be there personally so I'm gonna send bucks to PH and get my family swarm on this event.