Tip for a sweat proof and long lasting makeup

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Partying is never fun without dancing. However, sweat can be your enemy after all those hip breaking and head bangin' moves and can ruin your makeup. But, here's a sweat and smudge proof makeup look that'll make you still look gorgeous until the break of dawn. The key to a long lasting makeup are

the products used. Read on and watch the video to know more.

The choice of makeup products is the key to a long lasting and sweat proof makeup. 

Face Makeup
After your skin care routine, use a good face primer. A primer helps to set and prepare your skin before the makeup base. It'll help prevent it from smudging and caking. In this video, I used Makeup Academy's Undress Face Primer. It's got a colorless and odor free gel consistency. Dot the primer on areas where you mostly sweat like the T-zone or forehead, nose, and chin. Massage and let the skin absorb well. Then after the primer, apply a 24 hour or long lasting foundation base. I used Look Beauty's Flawless Fix Beauty Balm. I love this foundation because it adheres so well on the skin. Though it's light to medium coverage, it doesn't cake up even when I sweat. It's very appropriate for people living in hot and humid places like here in Cambodia. What's also good with this foundation is that it doesn't reflect camera flashes. So, you can have all the selfies and photographs in parties you attend to and never worry about ghostly like faces. To brighten up the face, I used NYX HD concealer on the high points of the face and also under the eyes. For a slimmer and contoured facial shape, I used Sleek Makeup Contour Kit. I applied the highlighter above the cheeks for a bit of a glow and the contouring powder under the cheeks and jawline for a V-line face effect.

Eye Makeup
For the eyes, I outlined a winged eyeliner with Rose Russo's Eyeshadow Palette. (I love love love this palette!) Then made a parallel bottom eyeliner without each other touching at the outside corners of the eyes.  Next,  I layered NYX Eyeliner and Smudger for thicker and bolder winged liners. This gives the look an extra twist because the design is not the usual flicked eyeliner look. I also applied on false lashes to make the eyes vavavoom.

Lip Makeup
You will be drinking and kissing and eating on the events so lip makeup must also last if not, at least reduce your retouch time. A lip liner serves as a primer and help the lipstick stick on better and makes it stay in place. I used NYX long pencil lip liner in Pinky and Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick in Loved up to match the winged eye makeup.

Watch the makeup video here:

I hope you enjoyed this one!