Why I love and hate June

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Even though I had a lot of expenses, I still have to stretch my remaining
penny for my addictions. Here's what I got for June.

June had been a critical month for me. Tried changing workplace, moving to a new apartment and stuff. Paid bills and other expenses and it was so hard on the pocket. However, Jehovah's still good and still blesses me and helps me to cope up with everyday's challenges. Despite the hard situation this month, I would not
let it pass by without making my self happy---------> with makeup. Even though I had a lot of expenses, I still have made way to stretch my remaining
penny for my addictions. Here's what I got for June.

Missha  had just opened their first store here in the Kingdom and with their new arrival products for this month, they had a 30% discount sale until the 30th. I took this chance to purchase stuffs I need. 

Because I was deeply depressed when my Look Beauty Brow Kit was stolen during our trip to Kampot, I had to purchase a better and new one to compensate the loss. I got brow products from Missha and they are The Style Color Setting Brow Mascara in No. 2 Capuccino Brown (Reg US$11.70), Easy Draawing Cake Eye in No 3 Chocolate Brown (Reg US$ 13.20), Facial Black Sugar Scrub (Reg US$ 14.70), Makeup Double Eyelid Glue (Reg US$5.25), and The Style Perfect Eyebrow Styler in Brown (Reg US$6). I got 30% off on the total and got free trial packs of their Super Aqua Facial Set.

Like their facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/misshacambodia?fref=ts 

Lum Orng Cosmetic Online Shop has been one of my favorite stores here in the Kingdom. They sell a variety of products from shampoo, to skin care, to body care to makeups and now they've added some imported health and food products, too. Not only that, they have now opened a salon. And back to my haul, I got some Mistine products and a CC cream from the shop. Still to replace my lost brow kit, I got the Mistine 3D Brow Pencil (Reg US$5) which is a newly released product from Mistine, a famous Thai makeup brand. I am so amazed with this item and I will be showing you soon why. Mistine creates new and intriguing and never before seen innovative tools and products. I am just amazed and loving this brand now. My skin is in a bad condition now and blackheads, white heads and pimples are popping on every corner of my face. So I also got a blackheads facial mask, Mistine Takezumi (US$5). And lastly, I purchased The Spa Expert Color Catch Cream, a CC cream from Korea (Reg US$25).

Like their page here: https://www.facebook.com/lumorngbeautiful?fref=ts

Nature Republic
I am so inspired by the Korean makeup style with bright and glowing skin. So, I got a Nature Republic's Blending Highlighter (Reg US$17.99). Not just using it as a highlighter being applied above the cheeks, I also add it to my BB Cream and foundations for a brightening and glowing effect.

So there goes my haul for June and I am satisfied with it. It completed my makeup craving (for now, he he). Follow my blog for updates, reviews and demos on these products. Next post would be my July Wishlist. 

Which of the products above would you like to try? Comment down below.