Why you should regularly clean your makeup brushes

Makeup artistry is such a wonderful world of beauty, colors and creations. Painting beautiful faces with vivid colors and hues is what I love to do. Striding my brushes unto delicate skins and transforming them to gods and godesses is a skill innate in me. Truly, makeup artistry is my passion. However, it can be a pain in the
ass sometimes.

Makeup brushes are one of the essential tools in a makeup artist's kit. It varies from face to eyes, to lip brushes. Personally, I need around 8-12 brushes of different kinds and sizes to create one makeup look. And far more than that during weddings, fashions shows or events where you need to make up around a dozen faces. The best part in this job is doing what you love to do and that is enhancing and transforming one's physical appearance. But after all that fun, work and play, the ugliest part is cleaning up thy dirty and filthy brushes filled with powder, dust, sweat and oil. And I swear this part is like washing dirty dishes which nobody enjoys to do. But it is a must for an artist.

Makeup brush cleaning is a necessary evil. Why? One, you don't want those bacteria, oils and dust to get ito your skin pores right? And that is one cause of break outs. Two, you don't want to ruin those expensive tools. Makeup brushes are investments. Wax and oil residue from products can ruin the quality of the bristles and you don't want that. Three, it is such a great feeling doing your makeup with squeaky clean brushes, right?

There are two ways I clean up my brushes: quick cleaning and deep cleaning. I do quick cleaning for brushes I need to use again but already used. For example, I only got one flat shadow brush but I already dipped in to a black eyeshadow. However, I need to use it again for a bronze shade. In this case, I use professional brush cleaners for quick cleaning. Deep cleaning is a thorough cleaning. And this is the most annoying job ever ! My hands often get numb from cleaning 5-6 dozens of makeup brushes. Please watch out for my next posts for a detailed steps how I clean my makeup wands.