It's a prank! Thalia confirms ribs removed

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Thalia didn't forget her Filipino fans to whom she directly addressed her shocking Instagram video which is trending now. Thalia posted on her Instagram account a slideshow of her with a jar containing her ribs as souvenirs she had intentionally removed to get a smaller waist.

She said on the post: "To all my loving Filipino fans, here is the proof I love ❤️ My Famous Ribs, I kept them with me all these years And the Saga continues..... @LOVEKRISAQUINO #AQUINOANDABUNDA #MARIMAR #MYTH#THALIASRIBS #THALIASWAISTLINE #Thaliasnewnovela #Formalin#SOUVENIRS "

Here's the post from her facebook fanpage.

Thalia became well known worldwide, specially in the Philippines, with her series of telenovelas Maria Mercedes, Marimar, Rosalinda and Maria la del Bario which she all starred in. Thalia, who is now 42 years old, is currently busy with her singing projects and concert tours according to Wiki. Well at least, after decades, she still remembers her Filipino fans who loves and adores her until now. 


So Thalia played a joke on us. She posted another photo on her instagram account saying that the ribs in the jar aren't hers. Here are the posts to clarify:

Post by Thalia.

She adds: And the ‪#‎myth‬ will continue... "Myth is not a true story, it is a story that is true,"...."Myths are a special kind of literature not written or created by a single individual, but produced by the imagination and experience of an entire age and culture and can be seen as the distillation of the dreams and experiences of a whole generation" I love you guys And I loved every single story! Super fun and creative  Bravo! Que el ‪#‎mito‬ continue Me encantaron las historias  muy creativas y divertidas! Los amoooo