Berry Vamp Fall Autumn Makeup Look

Although the four seasons do not occur here in the tropics, it is being used to categorize trends in beauty and fashion. Fall or autumn has arrived in their respective regions and so here's an autumn makeup look inspired by the rich and bold berry cherry colors.

This look creates fierce and vicious vampire eyes with bold red lips.

Here's how I did the eye makeup:

1. I applied primer on the lids. A primer sets the eyelid for the eyeshadows. It helps the shadows adhere better on the skin and makes the color more vivid and vibrant. 
2. I took a rusty reddish copper eye shadow and applied all over the lid past the crease area because I had hooded lids. Gently blending away the edges until they fade. This red undertone shadow gives that vampy effect to the eyes.
3. I took a grayish shimmer shadow and patted it on the outer and inner corners skipping the middle area. This darker color will create an illusion of deep socket eyeballs.
4. I intensified the dark shadow by gradually adding and blending it but not covering up the red eyeshadow.
5. I applied the reddish copper eye shadow on the lower lid extending it a little bit farther than how I  normally do with my daily makeup. I want the look to really look fierce and dramatic so I'm exagerating the eyes.
6. I applied the same dark gray shadow on the lower lid over the red shadow.
7. I lined the rim of the eyes with a black khol pencil. I lined it all around from the upperlashline to the lower lashline and the waterline. I made it thicker and blacker than normal. Again, to make this look fierce.
8. I used false lashes for added drama. You can just curl and apply coats of mascara if your already blessed with long lushious lashes.

 Products used:

Face: Biorica BB Cream, Jazzy Cooper Cream Foundation

Eyes: NYX Brow Cake Kit, Mistine 3D Brow Pencil, Urban Decay Primer Potion, NYX Makeup Artist Kit, NYX Black Waterproof Pencil Liner, Mistine False Lashes, Missha LAsh GLue

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